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Hundreds of visitors – First Giant Public Pillow Fight

2nd of September: main objectives were to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease to the general public and to supp... read more...

Stress & Health: How a stressful childhood can cause disease

The fact that stress can cause psychological problems is well-known. Much less known, however, is that stressful expe... read more...

Study Oriscav-LUX2: Interview with participants 1000 & 1001

Passing the mark of 1000 participants for the cardiovascular health study ORISCAV-LUX2 read more...

Pillow fight - Parkinson

2 September 2017 11h-18h / Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg. Bring your pillow and let’s fight for the good cause! read more...

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We still need 430 patients and 400 control participants read more...

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