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Basics GCP Training

15/03/21 - 15/03/21
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Interactive Training in Applied GCP for Investigators & Site Personnel


Performance of clinical trials according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) principles has been introduced as a European
regulatory requirement by the Clinical Trial Directive 2001/20/EC. Strict adherence to this standard ensures patient
protection and reliable data. It is the basis for acceptance of publications and for patients’ access to new treatments.
This standard has implications for all stakeholders and processes in clinical trials. However, despite overall commitment
and best intentions to apply to these requirements, monitoring, audits and inspections regularly find deficiencies of
different levels of severity.

In this interactive workshop current experience and requirements of GCP-conform set-up and performance
of clinical trials will be presented, their practical implications and examples discussed and pragmatic solutions for your
daily practice elaborated.




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