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How is it possible that adverse experiences in childhood (such as adoption, parental divorce, or sickness) can increase the risk for a range of diseases in adulthood? Help us address this question by participating in our clinical study! LNSI, project initiator, is currently looking for healthy participants, age 18-25, with no early life adverse experiences.

Severe childhood adversity is thought to be one of the strongest risk factors for three major public health problems: cardiovascular disease, upper respiratory tract infections and mental health problems. The three disease groups have all been linked to changes in how our body responds to stress. The main stress response system is conditioned by the environment, particularly during early life. The principal interface between the environment and the genome is epigenetic methylation of genomic DNA. Early life adversity might induce high risk epigenetic modifications for the above disorders.
The aim of this research project is to test this hypothesis in a cohort of young adults. Epigenetic marks identified in this project could have a prognostic and diagnostic value in the future, as biomarkers of early life adversity and as risk factors for later-life diseases.

The study consists of two visits of half a day. The first visit focusses on physiological tests, whereas the second visit consists of a psychological interview. The third part of the study is a monthly online health survey, which records your health status during one year. Good command of German is necessary.

Participants will be compensated accordingly.

If you would like more information and are interested to participate in this study, please contact us at EpiPath@CRP-Sante.lu.


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Healthcare professionals who wish to be part of a unique network, providing access to up-to-date, accurate and validated information about clinical research.

Investigators and study staff who wish to be part of a unique network, in order to stay abreast of clinical trials taking place in Luxembourg and who are willing to further develop their competencies.