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Study Carotenoids at LIH

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Test persons wanted!

LIH is looking for test persons to be included in a study at LIH. Volunteers will receive during 3 days specific test meals including different proportions of proteins to investigate their influence on carotenoids’ uptake in the body.

These findings may lead to optimize the uptake of pigments and the production of vitamin A, e.g. for vegetarians and vegans, respectively for people with digestive problems or people from third world countries.
In many country Vitamin-A-deficiency is a major problem, among others. This may lead to eye problems, growth disorders and susceptibility to infections especially in children.

Interested in this study? If you want to participate, you can find all useful the information here.

Original article & full interview with Torsten: http://www.eldo.lu/aktuell/reportagen/97163.html?fbclid=IwAR3PrfJIgrGT71BMwjgQzZDeYNpeQwbJ-RhjZToC0jVQ0LVhl5m0UViX_e8

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