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BIOCAR : First participants being recruited

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Carotenoids are natural compounds (pigments) found predominantly in plants, fungi and to a certain extend animal meats. The consumption of foods containing carotenoids has been related to several beneficial health effects, especially the reduction of chronic diseases, including several types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. Distribution of carotenoids follows biological processes and pathways involving release from food matrix, digestion, absorption, plasma transport and tissue uptake. One of the potential factors limiting carotenoid  bioavailability is dietary minerals and trace elements ingested simultaneously with dietary carotenoids.

In order to test the impact of high mineral intake on the bioavailability of dietary carotenoids, a human proof-of concept, post-prandial cross over study has been initiated by the CRP-Gabriel Lippmann (CRP-GL) in collaboration with the CRP-Santé.

Tests are randomized and double blinded. To date, several participants (19-50 year old males) have already accepted to participate, and the recruitment will continue until the number of participants reaches 24. To be eligible, participants must be healthy males, non-smokers, with a Body-Mass-Index (BMI) ranging from 18.5 to 30. However, participants with, for example, malabsorption disorders, metabolic diseases, hyperlipidemia, or patients following specific diets (vegetarian, gluten free, diabetic) or consuming dietary supplements on a regular basis will not be eligible for this study.

The CRP-GL and the CRP-Santé organize information meetings on a regular basis. If you are interested in participating and if you want to find out if you are eligible, please contact: Dr Torsten Bohn: bohn@lippmann.lu or alain.noirhomme@crp-sante.lu

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