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Melanoma is a cancer which develops from skin cells with appearance of a pigmented spot on the skin. Its represents 10 % of skin cancers, the frequency is multiplied by 2 every 10 years. This is the most serious and aggressive of skins cancers.
Surgical removal of the melanoma with adequate margins remains the standard primary therapy for early melanoma.  If melanoma is unresectable or advanced stage, the treatment is chemotherapy.

The aim of MELANOMA study is to determine the rate and frequency of high-grade, treatment-related, select adverse events in subjects with histologically confirmed stage III (unresectable) or stage IV melanoma and progression post prior treatment containing an anti-CTLA-4, treated with nivolumab.
Nivolumab is an antibody that blocks a protein PD-1 involved in cell death.
The dose and schedule of nivolumab in this study will be 3 mg/kg IV every 2 weeks for a maximum of 24 months.

The Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg is involved and CIEC-LIH is actively assisting and supporting physicians involved in this trial. The total number of patients is 1318 with approximately 5 patients in Luxembourg.

More details are available here: www.luxclin.lu/Studies/Details/?c=STP7520HTH

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