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NEW INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME IN BREAST CANCER: AURORA - Aiming to Understand the Molecular Aberrations in Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Thanks to the current technologies, we are now able to characterize cancer on the genetic level. These tremendous advances allow us to believe that amazing progresses can be made with regard to understanding tumors and their evolution over time. Thus and for example, many recent studies performed in breast cancers have uncovered a large number of genetic changes or “aberrations” occurring at low frequency. In some cases, experimental drugs might be used as targeted treatment against these aberrations and this could ultimately lead to extending patient’s life and improving patient’s quality of life.

The AURORA programme consists in collecting biopsy samples from both primary and metastatic tumors. The tissue samples will be initially subjected to molecular profiling and stored for further research. Plasma and blood samples will also be collected for additional analysis, searching for potential biomarkers for example.

The study population will consist in male and female patients, 18 years old and older, newly diagnosed or with local relapse metastatic breast cancers (MBC), treated with no more than one line of systemic therapy in the metastatic setting. Total number of patients will be 1300, with 30 to 50 recruited in Luxembourg. Recruitment is expected to start next September and last for 18 months. The Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) is the participating site in Luxembourg  and will work in collaboration with CIEC-CRP Sante and IBBL. Additional information on this trial is available on our website under following link: www.luxclin.lu/Studies/Details/?c=STP7544BCU 

Reference: http://www.bigagainstbreastcancer.org/news/aurora-aiming-understand-molecular-aberrations-metastatic-breast-cancer-where-do-we-stand/

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